Lottie Galpin

Diversity and Inclusion in ELT & Educational materials | Consultant, Trainer, Editor & Writer


Representing Disability in ELT materials | More dates coming soon!
One-day online zoom workshop | £99

During this one-day interactive zoom workshop, you’ll learn the essential knowledge and practical skills for creating ELT materials that represent disability accurately, authentically and naturally.  Over the course of the day, you’ll cover:
  • the fundamentals of creating ALL inclusive materials,
  • key concepts for understanding disability,
  • inclusive language for disability and language to avoid,
  • how to represent disability in artwork,
  • briefing and researching inclusive artwork,
  • how to represent disability in texts, audio, and video,
  • how to represent disability across a course, in every ELT topic.
The final task of the day will see you practising these new skills by creating your own content that represents disability accurately, authentically and naturally.
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