Lottie Galpin


Publishing is embracing inclusive materials, but creating these to brief, budget and schedule can be a challenge.  I help writers, editors and publishers to create  inclusive materials that hit the brief without breaking the bank or the schedule.

My background in ELT publishing, along with my knowledge and experience of inclusive materials, mean that I can show you how to simply and effectively make your products more inclusive.

Diversity and Inclusion Content Reviews

Check your print or digital product is truly inclusive and doesn’t include any embarrassing diversity and inclusion errors. Check anything from a single text to a whole course.

Inclusive Content Creation and Content Development

Bring me into your project as an editor or writer and avoid the cost and inconvenience of a separate diversity and inclusion review. I’ll combine my ELT experience with my diversity and inclusion expertise to create innovative, inclusive materials that really hit the brief.

Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy

Work with me to transform your editorial policies and publishing processes. I can help you to:

  • set up and manage inclusive materials projects,
  • create your own editorial guidelines,
  • review your publishing processes in order to support the creation of inclusive materials.


Arm your teams with the knowledge and expertise to confidently create and edit inclusive materials and manage inclusive projects. I offer a range of bespoke training packages to meet your organisation’s needs.

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