Lottie Galpin

Let’s change the conversation about immigration

Before you start reading, I should let you know that this post shares some of my personal views about a political situation in the UK. It's not directly ELT-related.  I

IATEFL Belfast: A quick summary of my talk

A month ago today, I gave my first ever IATEFL talk in Belfast: Breaking Stigma, Building Skills: Representing Mental Illness in ELT Materials. Given that the subject of mental illness

The power of pictures

I'm going to start this post with a little challenge. Grab the nearest textbook and look through the pages. As you do so, pay special attention to the photos and

Representing mental health in ELT materials

This post was first published on LinkedIn in May 2021.Earlier this week, I posted these questions on a couple of social media sites: How can we bring the topic of

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