Lottie Galpin

How can I help you?

Educational publishing is embracing inclusive materials, but creating these to brief, budget and schedule can be a challenge. That’s where I come in. As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) specialist, I help editors, writers and publishers to create outstanding inclusive materials that hit the brief without breaking the bank or the schedule.

My background in ELT publishing, along with my knowledge and experience of inclusive materials, means
that I can show you how to simply and effectively make your products more inclusive.

Work with me if you need help with…

  • DEI content reviews and sensitivity reads,
  • training in how to create inclusive, accessible materials,
  • DEI consultancy to help you set up projects, editorial guidelines, or publishing processes that simplify and support the creation of inclusive materials,
  • editorial or writing services. 

We asked Lottie for a DEI review on one of our more problematic video assets in production, first by having a brainstorming meeting with us to discuss the video that was followed up with a written report on her end. The result, just half a day's work from Lottie has made the video one of the best in our catalogue, one we believe really shows the values around diversity, equality and inclusion we are trying hard to uphold. And, as a team, we are already better equipped to do better next time. Thanks Lottie, we learnt a lot!

Elena Deleyto La Cruz | Educational Media Specialist

It has been a pleasure working with Lottie on our new General English Adult course. As well as her excellent editorial skills, she also provided invaluable guidance relating to diversity and inclusion which we gladly incorporated into the series. I look forward to working with her again as an editor and consultant on future titles.

Kayleigh Buller | Commissioning Editor | National Geographic Learning

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